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December 14, 2023

Research Project Successfully Completed: German Flagship Project PlanQK Sets New Course Towards Economic Utilization

Berlin, December 7, 2023 – Concluding a four-year research endeavor, the PlanQK research project, led by Anaqor AG together with University of Stuttgart and funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection as part of the AI Innovation Competition, presents its findings on December 7, 2023. Hosted at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences, the consortium introduces the PlanQK platform and ecosystem connecting researchers, quantum developing organizations, and end-users, with a focus on making quantum computing accessible for organizations of all sizes.

Quantum computing is a game-changer for businesses, offering quicker and more insightful analysis for complex scenarios. However, the present hardware does not yet have the necessary capacity and accuracy to speak of a quantum advantage over classical computers. Nonetheless, researchers and businesses have started testing first use cases and proofs of concepts. Over the four-year research period, the PlanQK consortium explored over 30 use cases for quantum computing, such as fraud detection for credit card transactions or financial portfolio optimization via QUBOs.  

After the successful research period, it can be stated: The PlanQK research project has successfully modeled what the quantum value chain of tomorrow will look like. It has developed a platform that enables frictionless collaboration among researchers, quantum developing organizations, hardware providers, and end-users. Organizations of all sizes can consume quantum solutions and integrate quantum applications into their existing processes. Quantum developers can benefit from extensive platform services such as hosting, management, and billing of their quantum applications.  

With the support of more than 100 organizations and a consortium of 19 leading companies and research institutions, PlanQK has advanced to the pioneering European platform for quantum applications with international recognition. Anaqor, the consortium leader of PlanQK, expresses enthusiasm for PlanQK’s outcome. Co-founder and Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Dr. Mathias Petri notes, “With the support of the BMWK funding, we've been able to address the technical and economic potentials of quantum computing in its early stages. Now, fully equipped with a proven platform and a dynamic ecosystem, we're ready to robustly initiate productization and professional marketing."  

Looking ahead to 2024, the software-based startup plans to further develop the expertise gained during the research phase and integrate additional quantum solutions into the platform. This endeavor is strengthened by a potent, globally-oriented ecosystem of major enterprises, associations, and startups, creating a dynamic and engaging environment. PlanQK users will not only benefit from cutting-edge technology on the PlanQK platform, but also engage with like-minded professionals in user group sessions and conferences that will be rolled out in early 2024.

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Use Cases

We partner with universities, research institutions, quantum companies and industry to explore ways how we can make quantum applications easily accessible and a frictionless experience for all.
Explore Use Cases

Customer Relationship Management

This use case applies a quantum clustering algorithm on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data to find patterns in the digital fingerprint of customers of a telecommunication provider. The goal of this use case is to analyze the normal behavior of customers based on network data, domains, and connected devices to predict when a customer is available to receive calls from the provider.

Quantum Fleet Route Planning

The quantum route optimizer helps delivery companies reduce operational costs and improve efficiency. Combining the power of quantum optimization with classical graph clustering we unlock new levels of delivery optimization. With PlanQK, we have made our solution accessible as a quantum service that can be easily integrated into existing software.

Combinatorial Optimization

Quantagonia hosts its innovative HybridSolver, a mathematical optimization solver, on PlanQK. The HybridSolver uses a cutting-edge classical and quantum approach to tackle complex optimization computers, delivering a great performance on today’s computers and an on-ramp to incredible performance with quantum computers.

Anomaly detection in network traffic

Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure have become a dangerous and ubiquitous symptom of our modern digital world. One of the crucial cornerstones in fending off network attacks is detecting that they happen in the first place. Intrusion detection systems (IDS) analyze the incoming network traffic and assess if an incoming request is dangerous or not according to a set of hardcoded rules.

Anomaly- and Fraud-Detection for Credit Card Transactions

The goal of this use case is the automated detection of fraudulent credit card transactions with high precision and low false negative rate. Undetected fraud carries high potential losses. Hence, the detection needs to have a high sensitivity to reduce the risk of unfaithful transactions. A secondary goal is to reduce the false positive rate, i.e. reduce the rate of transactions falsely flagged as fraudulent.

Quantum Organic Chemistry Pipeline

The simulation of quantum mechanical properties of small to medium sized molecules is an application field for quantum computers where first quantum advantages can be achieved. This is of particular interest to the chemical or pharmaceutical industry, as a (sometimes minimal) better understanding of molecular properties can lead to, for example, more efficient production or reduced material consumption.